The Final Week

Blogging about the bar exams has already been a Saturday habit for me. Unfortunately, this should end today because, folks, this is the last week of the grueling “Hell Month” of September.

From experience, the test in Remedial Law has been the longest and the hardest. This exam counts more than any other single exam in the bar (it’s 20% compared to 15% for the other major exams). Also, expect a long exam. During my time, they even gave a one-hour extension, which I did not take, as usual, just because I really work fast.

For tips, I’d say focus on the provisional remedies. You know what I mean: Injunction, Attachment, etc. And also give time for the Special Civil Actions and know the definition of “grave abuse of discretion” by heart. Did I mention Criminal Procedure and how it differs from Civil? Finally, my blog lectures on some rules on evidence may come in handy.

Remember, your Bar Chairman is a known for procedure so I guess this test will have his signature written all over it.

But please, don’t neglect the final exam (Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises). I know you’re tired and this test does not count much (5% compared to 10% for the other “minor” subjects. I know you’re already tired and the drums are blaring outside with people jeering you to come out already. I know you’re already salivating about that French or German beverage (or cuisine, tobacco, or whatever your vice is) you have so deprived yourself just to take this exam.

But fight all temptations to breeze through this exam and to give it scant consideration. Get below 50% in this exam and you’re still disqualified from becoming a lawyer. I know some honor students who did not pass because of this exam.

For this exam focus on verification and jurat. Given recent events, this may be asked. Also, concentrate on the new notarial law and requirements and how it compares to the old one. Despite this, I guess the test will be long simply because the document drafting portion takes a considerable amount of time and notebook space.

I think I already mentioned that I took these final exams with a sprained right wrist (I write right-handed). So you can imagine the extra handicap I had going into this final day. From what I remember I did not do well here. I guess the pain was too much or the tests were that hard.

If you’re taking the Bar exams for the first time, you can look forward to the feeling of extreme relief because it’s all over. Personally, when a friend and I were walking away from DLSU that final Sunday, we were surprised how everything (those great and tough times in law school and bar exams) were by so fast.

You have spent about five years of your life (make that 8 to 9 if you decided to become a lawyer since college) preparing for this Bar month.

Now it’s all over. Pray you do not do it again.

Spend the day after unconscious. That’s what I did.

Then look for work to pass the time waiting for the results. This way, you get a head start on your legal career. Also, you earn some money for Christmas…

Again, good luck to all this final Sunday…


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  1. Prof. Punzi,

    Thanks for giving the B. P. Number. You’re a life saver. Will wait for your blog on the public assembly act.

    Will inform arbet. Thanks again.

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