An eventful week ahead…

Sorry for the tardiness of this entry.

If this first day is any indication, this will be a very busy week for me.

First off, a friend got me into a meeting at 8:00 a.m. I thought it was concerning his business, but it was personal. But it’s been a long time since I got off to work that early.

Then off to my government consultancy for more work that lasted until after lunch.

Then, a client for which I wrote this entry will undergo a grueling senate inquiry this week, because of the flak it got from this incident. Up for discussion is Senate Bill No. 1714 or the proposed “Billboard Blight Act.” So we had to prepare for the rest of the day with a board and membership meeting, held consecutively in Makati. While the venue had free WiFi, I have difficulty in blogging from my phone. Jessica is still in the shop.

As a matter of fact, I just got home…

Tomorrow and the day after will be more of the same, with more preparation for that Senate inquiry, with tying up of loose ends.

You’ll probably get wind of what will happen in the Senate in the news. But before that, I have two hearings to attend to for that day.

Then another hearing on Friday and an excom meeting with the government consultancy that afternoon.

If I blog intermittently, my apologies.

Anyway, wish me luck for this week…



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2 responses to “An eventful week ahead…

  1. Goodluck, sir, in all your endeavours.

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