All sorts of weirdness today…

In today’s headlines, over 100 of the 200 ballot boxes in the House of Representative’s custody were “stolen.”

That’s weird. There’s no real value to those beat-up ballot boxes, the ones repainted every election time the way we repaint our crypts come November 1.

And who would benefit from the loss of those seemingly worthless things? Hmmmmmm.

On the personal front, my celfone rang while I was driving out of Greenhills after rewarding myself with an aluminum casing for my Nokia 9500. Had a couple of successful meetings before that and I was feeling good.

My casing was just about 10 minutes old and the caller ID said “Private Line.” I always get these calls from clients who used landlines to call me. Besides, my new casing was a mere 10 minutes old so I was eager to take the call… So I eagerly answered.

Guess who was on the other line? It was “that girl…”

She claimed there was a certain “Bea” who called her and she was asking for confirmation if it was her daughter. I said Bea would never call her, simply because we don’t even know her office number. Then she proceeded to ask token questions about the kids, to which I gave the standard answers, “They’re fine,” and “You don’t even have to ask that.”

She asked if I was having a party for Nico’s birthday. I said probably not because Bea’s tuition was due about the same time and I was still scrounging around for the money. It was a good opportunity to slam that right down her throat.

Irritated by the way the conversation was going, I finished the conversation quickly (and I was driving at the time also). I failed to see any sincerity in the way she asked about her kids so I was not about to patronize her any longer.

For the life of me, I did not even recognize her voice until she introduced herself. A human girl would have been hurt by that, but I know she’s not even qualified to claim that so I’m not expecting any reaction to that.

That’s weird. Been married to the girl for 6 years and I thought I was talking to a stranger… or that’s probably the way it is now… I don’t know.

Brushed that aside and proceeded to my third meeting. Another successful one.

Tomorrow: some more loose ends for my “hell” Thursday. That day with two hearings and a senate inquiry…

Guess I’ll rest now.


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  1. Mec

    I really can’t imagine how people in broken marriages/separated families work things out… but I know it could not be easy…

    I just hope your kids appreciate the love and true caring you have for them…and grow up more committed and loving… 🙂

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