A disgrace

I was shocked when I watched a certain Manny Salgado, assistant manager of the Green Archers, hack Arwind Santos at the back of the head with a closed fist. Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct.

Is that what you teach your kids (or grandkids)? Loose a game, hit the players? Did you loose a huge bet because of this game?

IMHO, that guy should not only be banned from the UAAP. We should see to it that characters such as these don’t even lead mosquito league teams. Or even mosquitos. Just get bitten by one.

I would have more words to say to that guy in Tagalog but, Tatang, nakakahiya ka! (Old man! You’re a disgrace!)



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6 responses to “A disgrace

  1. it was a good game. he didn’t have to do that!

  2. i agree that what he did was deplorable. i wonder what was on his mind. i have always believed that it is not about winning the game but how one played it. The tamaraws won and that’s that. Believe me, that was not only the mark of a non-gentleman, but more so, not Lasallian at all.

  3. yay! what went wrong? it’s supposed to be a good game…

  4. According to news reports, he was trying to pacify them by Arwind uttered some words…He’s an old guy and should have shown more patience…

    The UAAP banned him for life (whatever’s left of it…). Good riddance!

  5. Anonymous

    La Salle deliberately called a time out in the final seconds of their game with Ateneo only to ridicule their opponents. Now, one of the team’s managers on the sly backfists the nape of a FEU player who won the game for his team …. then runs away to avoid retaliation! Win or lose, the team has shown no class. Pity.

  6. So now I’m thinking (again a very dangerous pastime…) even if this DLSU team won the championship they will… now and forever be… LOSERS!

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