Remembering the Dearly Departed

It’s November 1, All Saints’ Day, here but we use this to remember our dearly departed, and not the next day which is All Souls’ Day. But let’s all take a moment of silence for the repose of their souls.

Of course, our family is no exception, simply because there is work the next day. We will be going to Laguna because there are only a few of us left in the Philippines. Most of our clan (on the father side, to be precise) have already left for “greener pastures” abroad.

Spent half the day yesterday putting content on my cousin’s iPod Mini. I hope that will be a dress rehearsal for my own iPod (Video), if fortunes will change and I will be allowed to have one. It’s so easy to use.

Only one thing, though. I may not have learned it yet but it appears you have to put the content first in your computer then to the iPod. I was hoping to put material there directly since I don’t even have 60Gs in any single computer.

We will not be bringing the kids today because there are all tired yesterday. There were so many kids yesterday and we actually ran out of candy. There were a lot of outsiders who took advantage. And I thought most people went home to the provinces to take advantage of this long weekend.

Anyway, that’s all for now. We have to leave early.


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  1. Mabuhay ka Pinoy advocate of education! Please check out Manila Bulletin halloween issue, the Pinoy Teachers Network was featured there *wink*–>

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