Start of my one day workweek…

For the second day of November, we usually visit our dead from my mother’s side. This year was no exception. But being a working day, I had to get a couple of things out of the way that morning before we went there.

Spent a very good afternoon with my relatives, while we visited my maternal grandparents over at Loyola Marikina. This time, I brought my kids since November 2 was a working day, I figured there would be less people there.

Well this was not entirely correct. It seems everyone was thinking the same way we were. But of course, we got in and out comfortably, though there were more people than usual this year.

It was nice to spend these times with the kids. Nico’s growing more and more each day and so is Bea. (Just thinking aloud and belatedly… “That girl” knows we come there at that time of the year and she lives nearby, maybe she watched her kids from afar. Or then again, maybe not. But if she did, she will see that her kids are doing great without her…)

Today will be a working day, albeit short. The meeting I was anticipating would be next Monday so I just have to report to my consultancy office for half a day and that’s basically it, though there are some people who would like to see me.

The Christmas rush is upon us and as we speak, debts are beginning to pile up (even before the shopping). Jabez, Jabez, Jabez… Hope something big turns up before December.

It’s fun to watch curious Nico as we put out the Christmas decorations. This is his first cogent Christmas season, as I have said before. He ran about inspecting all the decorations as they were being put is. Wait ’til he sees the tree…

I’ll blog some more later on. Sleepy.


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  1. hello atty! back to work na pala dyan. nagde-decorate na kayo ng pang pasko. Dito, after thanksgiving pa ang christmas decorations eh. Magtuturo kami ng Parol-Making sa mga FilAms dito, at siguro mabubuo namin ang Simbang Gabi ngayon kasi tutugtog na si hubby sa church choir, pumayag na sya, yey!

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