The Old and the New

Went to my consultancy for an appointment that did not show up. Bummer.

Then, all of a sudden, our boss declared a half-day. Apparently with nothing else to do, Tiborce and I watched the new Zorro flick. Ho-humm. Catherine Zeta-Jones does not look the way she used to, and we can blame Michael Douglas for that.

In between the movie, a potential client texted me to meet in a fast-food restaurant at Commonwealth Avenue. So I was uneasy since I really don’t want to come in late. That probably contributed to my attitude towards the movie.

Anyway, when I got there, I saw someone from my old choir. We talked briefly about the old times. Then, she asked me when I was coming back (to the choir). I just smiled. Of course, never.

Then I met my potential client… from my current (new) choir. Suffice it to say I closed the deal and got myself a new retainer…

The Lord sure has a very good sense of humor… It was, all in all, a good day.


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