Three weddings and my heart’s funeral…

Weddings need a lot of preparation. So do marriages but people don’t seem to prepare for that one.

Just a wild thought as I recently received three wedding engagement announcements. One, I will be attending. One, I don’t know if I’m invited. The last one I will not attend, even if invited.

The first one was from a dear friend of mine from law school, also a lawyer working in the Supreme Court for almost ten years. The fateful day will be on 28 May 2006 as she required me to mark the date already. It’s a good thing I use a PDA because, that appointment would have been lost upon the changing of the diaries next year. She’s Bea’s godmother so Bea will be my date on that date (pardon the word play).

The second one was from an old flame. She just texted me to ask me something and the text exchange led to this information. I don’t know when’s the date but I’m sure won’t pry on further.

The third one came mere minutes after this. It reads:

“Hi [Punzi]! Want to share with you a gud news. Am engaged to [the guy’s name] na! June nxt year. :)”

This one came from GT

To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to feel. Part of me says it’s good she’s finally getting married. With all the things she went through, she deserves all the happiness that is coming to her. And I’m sure the lucky guy (a college friend) that is going to marry her likewise deserves her as well.

But another part tells me to wake up from this romantic dream I used to have, something I had since college (and my friends can attest to that), that we would eventually be together. Of course I buried that dream when I got married but when I got separated, that dream (whether I liked it or not) came creeping at the back of my mind again.

But now I have to bury it… again…

Anyway, I will blog a proper eulogy for my heart come June of 2006…

Three weddings and a funeral. It’s a good thing there’s choir tomorrow. I’m going to need it. And some lot of german beverages, too.



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4 responses to “Three weddings and my heart’s funeral…

  1. *sigh* Oddly enough, I can relate…

  2. wahh! this is sad! i like julia roberts and for sure like her you’ll find happiness too.

  3. Atty. Punzi, you desrve to be happy, don’t cry over spilled milk.

    Oh, I got the Pananatili podcast, you really did great there especially with the solo flute, nakakapanindig balahibo. How can we improve the volume? Kung nandito ka sana, the best na ang PTN church choir natin for Simbang Gabi *wink

  4. hay…so sad naman…ganun talaga, pag may nangyayari sa atin na di natin gusto, biglang nanunumbalik yung mga what ifs, could have beens and the would have beens…hay. 😦

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