Heads should be rolling…

I don’t get it.

SNAFUs such as this and this (oh yeah and this, too which came to my mind because of this) should have resulted in butts kicked, fingers severed and heads served in silver platters.

But they are not. Why?

Oh wait a minute! I get it! It could be any of the following:

a) No moral authority to kick butts and/or demand fingers/heads

b) The superiors are just as inferior (or just as deserving to have their butts kicked, etc.)

c) Buying loyalty from these “birds of the same feather” by not kicking their butts, etc.

d) All of the above

e) None of the above

I know you can choose the correct answer yourself.

But remember this. Sovereignty resides in the people all government authority emanates from them (Section 1, Article II, 1987 Constitution). Hence, we are their ultimate superiors so any fault they make surely comes back to us.

We truly got (and continue to get) the government we deserve.



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One response to “Heads should be rolling…

  1. Sam

    Atty. Punz, I think it is because the government is itself committing the greatest gaffe of all, that of GMA claiming to be President of the Philippines.

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