Law School Days: First Semester, Second Year

The third of a series:

First Semester, Second Year (SY 1992-1993):

1. Criminal Procedure- 2 units; Justice Lorenzo Relova
2. Negotiable Instruments- 2 units; Atty. Antonio Abad
3. Property- 4 units; Justice Hector Hofileña
4. Sales- 2 units; Dean Cesar Villanueva
5. Security Transactions- 3 units; Atty. Eduardo Serapio
6. Land Titles- 2 units; Atty. Lorenzo Padilla
7. Forensic Medicine- 1 unit; “Doctorney” Arsenio Pascual, Jr.
8. Social Philosophy-2 units; Atty. Salvador Mirasol

General Highlights:

1. Yes, that’s Atty. Ed Serapio, co-accused in Erap’s plunder case. He was a very kind teacher and I personally don’t know how he ever got involved in this case…

2. With a relatively “light” unit load and one year experience in law school, we felt this was the lightest semester we ever had. People already knew when they will be called to recite in class so they “studied smarter” instead of “studying harder.”

3. Justice Relova’s order of recitation is dependent on his roll call. And sometimes, we get away with a “generic” case digest recitation. Sometimes, we even get away with a prayer recitation if we do it fast enough that he does not really hear what we say.

4. Though teaching a hard and abstract subject such as Negotiable Instruments, Atty. Abad made it very entertaining, with his “hard to forget” acronyms. But I can’t mention them in this blog because I want to maintain its PG rating…

5. Dean Villanueva sounds so much like Michael Jackson…

6. Atty. Lorenzo Padilla taught his subject with so much angst and passion. Made you “empathize” with him.

7. Don’t remember much about our property class, except that Justice was a kind man… He taught us before he became Associate Justice for the Court of Appeals…

8. The only thing I remember in Forensic Medicine was his lecture on “bestiality,” “pygmalionism” and “necrophilia.”

9. Atty. Mirasol did not fit well in law school and I heard from the grapevine that poor student feedback made him resign (and/or got him “fired” from law school).

Personal Highlights:

1. Dean’s List for the third time.

2. First break-up with the girlfriend. She specifically asked me to “court her again.” The fool that I was, I did court her again for a few months and she took me in again as her boyfriend sometime before this semester ended.

3. Probably part of the reason why we broke up was because I developed some feelings for one of my law school classmate, while I was with my girlfriend. I admitted this to her and that probably influenced her into that first break-up.

That was a wrong move. Not only did my relationship with my girlfriend suffer, that friend of mine and I drifted apart.


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