First day of work

I forgot to mention it.

On 06 November 1995, barely a month after taking the bar, I reported to work in a lawfirm in Makati. Hence, I have been working for 10 years, though officially, I’ll be 10 years into law practice on 15 April 2006.

It was the first working day after Typhoon “Rosing,” the last storm to squarely hit Manila came over. The lawfirm that hired me had this big IPO project for a reality company. Hence, all the lawyers were out so I just worked on the office LAN. The office lan will be another story.

As the day apparently drew to a close, I was called to this client’s offices to help with the IPO efforts. The one who called me was to be my first boss, Atty. JJ Disini.

So what seemed like the end of my first work day turned out to be just the beginning. Pulled out an all-nighter working because apparently, that storm blew open the sliding doors of the penthouse and took away various condominium certifates of title into the Pasig River.

Total time logged for the first day: 26 hours. JJ was already staying at a room there for days, so his logged time was way longer.

And that would be only the first of the all-nighters I would have in my 10 year career. I already blogged about my Makati-based life in this post.


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