Results of the Seventh Visit Presscon

Punzi: Thank you all for coming. Before I answer questions, let me read first a prepared statement.

“Under the terms of our custody agreement last April and the court order on the basis thereof, I have sole custody, care and control over my two kids. In exchange, my soon-to-be-ex-wife has visitorial rights every second Sunday of the month.

The terms of this arrangement may be subject for review after nine months.

Once again, she did not visit her kids today for the seventh time. This time, I did not even bother to tell my kids she was coming so as not to unecessarily disturb their lives. I hardly realized that she was due for a visit today myself until now.

Finally, this is again a matter for record, for the upcoming review of our custody arrangement. She could not haggle for more visits when she did not even use the ones she was already entitled to.”

At this point, I will entertain questions… or any corroborations…


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One response to “Results of the Seventh Visit Presscon

  1. As a mother, I cannot imagine wasting an opportunity greater than this… but I don’t want to judge her. She must have her reasons.

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