Such a toothache

I have such severe headaches. They’re so painful for me that I thought they were the worst pain experience I have ever had.

Until now…

This is the reason why I could not blog about the law or about issues. I had such a toothache. It acted up when I drank anything (hot or cold) and the pain shoots all the way up to my head. It was so debilitating, I even had to drink water with a straw.

So debilitating that I had to go to my dentist (my former neighbor over at my old house, you know, where I’m supposed not to go to again…) for an emergency visit. For security reasons, I don’t go there at night. But this was an emergency.

Turns out a filling gave out and my tooth was dead. The dentist gave me a temporary filling to commence the treatment.

It’s all better now.

Funny thing is, I went by our old house to visit the tenant there. My sister rented it to the family of Bea’s former classmate (and still her schoolmate) and I’m personally friends with the couple.

Man, that house (even with the paint job) still brings back memories… The ambience has not changed. And with that I gleefully explained, “Now I have something to blog about!” I’ll leave at at that for now…

So there. This is my post today. Hopefully, I’ll blog about something “more serious” tomorrow.

I have to rest now because of this tooth and what it put me through today… So if you’ll excuse me, maybe we’ll see each other in dreamland. I have a very important day tomorrow…


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  1. reflects much on how serious you are about oral hygiene…:-p

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