With the increased gas prices, I figured to take up, dust off, oil up and get the rust out of the old mountain bike again. For those small errands such us going to the corner store or the neighborhood barbershop, I used to take the car. Now, I’m sensible enough to just bike it. Oh, the exercise is a plus, too.

The terrain is very much different here than my old neighborhood. Here, you really need to use the gears as compared to my old village where I mostly stick to one gear because it’s pretty much flat. But I get the same workout here for less amount of time. Actually, bringing the bike back to working condition was a workout in itself. And I even used an electric air compressor to reinflate the tires at that.

The only reason why I stopped biking in my old village was the presence of stray dogs. Here, it was the presence of stray motorists.

I hope I can pick up the habit again, not only for my health, but also to improve my flute playing. I hope I can do this at least thrice a week, minimum.

I think we all should use bikes whenever we can, just to contribute to gas conservation (and also our personal financial conservation, heheheheheh!).

Wish me luck.



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2 responses to “Biking

  1. DJB

    I think the best mountain biking in the Philippines is up in the Cordilleras, such as the stretch between Mount Data and Bontoc. As beautiful as anything I’ve seen in the US.

    And there is one great benefit: all the dogs up there are docile and wouldn’t dare run after bikers. All the fierceness genes were long bred out of the canine tribe, by the culinary practices of the Ibalois and Kankaney.

    I used to do a lot o biking in Manila when Edsa was an immobile train of cars. Now it’s the porch and the bike on a stand.

    Any time you wanna go biking lemme know!

  2. Thanks, sir for the offer.

    I’ll get in shape first before taking up biking that seriously.

    I actually missed today because I came home late…

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