To buy or not to buy?

For the coming holidays, I “may” have just enough disposable “resources” to get my hands on an iPod (actually, whatever iPod model I want, and that includes the top-of-the-line 60Gb iPod Video), which is an unusual but very pleasant situation.

But I’m still deciding whether to buy one or not. Do I really need it? Where will I use it? Will it have actual value/use or will it be just for status? Don’t want to be labeled a tech poseur, you know… Will I use it in my biking or will it motivate me to get some exercise?

If at all I will buy one, what model will I buy? The iPod has to be synched with my iTunes library so I may not be able to afford a 60Gb iPod Video, memory wise that is. Linsday only has an 80Gb hard disk. This means, I could not completely fill up that iPod, because I would not have enough space in Lindsay (she has about 50Gb left).

As of now, I have narrowed down the list to the 4Gb iPod Nano, the 30Gb or 60Gb iPod Video. But the price difference between the Nano and the Video is already bordering on insignificant. So it may come down to a choice between the two iPod Videos, the price difference of which is likewise bordering on insignificant…

Oh, I wish I had more happy problems like this… for a change.

Do you have any suggestions?

P.S. Will it be a black one or a white one?



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4 responses to “To buy or not to buy?

  1. Oh, a happy problem! What a happy oxymoron!

    The nano is sooooo cool, slim and all…you can say it’s a bit more for the ladies and the metrosexuals hanging out in greenbelt. I find the Ipod video, however, a bit bulky (and probably more for your, ehem, muscular build)…and it kind of looks like the remote control of our office a/c. Hehehehe. But since you like keeping pics and vids of your kids with you, go for the video.

    Sound-wise, though, they say the Shuffle’s got more bass than its bigger siblings. Crap, I can only afford the Shuffle…and it ain’t for me!

  2. hey Punzi,
    my .02 worth.
    With the price of the new iPod steadily going down, I would suggest you stick with the 30GB iPod Video. Another suggestion, if you really need the video function, by all means get it, but if your main purpose is just music, try to hunt for a good pre-owned iPod photo 40GB or 60GB. They may cost the same as the new 30GB iPod Video but you almost have double the space. Very handy when you use the iPod as a transit disk like I do. I still use my antiquated 3rd Gen 15 GB iPod and it hasn’t let me down. Went all the way to Pagudpud with me, I had speakers installed in my helmet btw. Battery life sucks though.

    On the other hand, the new iPods are really really really really thin, grabe. I saw one during my sons’ family day last Saturday, wow.

    Good luck and happy hunting!

  3. Anonymous

    I would not waste my money on that.

    Good luck.

  4. I envy you for having a problem like that. šŸ™‚

    If you’re a true blue music lover, go for it. šŸ™‚

    Thought about the iPod shuffle before, couldn’get past the lack of an LCD screen, bought a one GB iRiver instead. Not as cool, but it suits me just fine. šŸ™‚

    If you drive a lot, think about getting some accessories which would allow the iPod to interface with your car’s audio system. It sure beats cassettes or CDs with the sheer number of songs to choose from. And it makes traffic a whole lot bearable as well. šŸ™‚

    Good luck with your iPod hunt. šŸ™‚

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