Display Units

As I told you yesterday, I went to an appliance store with my mother yesterday so she could purchase the big-screen television she has wanted to buy since a year ago.

Don’t get me wrong. Unlike me, she can afford to buy whatever she wants. And she has way more discipline than I have when it comes to delaying gratification.

After making comparisons with other brands, we decided to stick with the TV we bought since it has the best picture quality and has a reputation for longevity, though the other brands have a lot of freebies. In fact, another brand offered both a home theatre and another 29″ TV if we bought it.

The TV we bought had a promo where you add P5,000.00 and you get a home theatre unit worth P20,000.00. My mom decided to avail of that, too.

We made a substantial deposit (more than half) and the problem was, a brand-new unit would only be available on the first week of December.

While we could wait that long, they were offering us the display unit. They took it out of the box for a week and but never turned on, as they claimed.

Hesitating, we jokingly implied that we would look at another appliance store there to see if they have an available unit. They took it seriously.

Of course they don’t want let the sale go. So they made an offer we could not possibly refuse: accept the display unit and and home theatre is free.

They’ll deliver the thing tomorrow afternoon. Good thing I only have a short meeting tomorrow so I can receive it and spend the rest of the day setting it up. My mother already moved stuff around her room to acommodate it.


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