How Convenient!

Dana Carvey‘s beloved persona, the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live
Well isn’t that special?

Garci returning and willing to talk only if all the persons involved (including opposition people) are investigated as well?

The timing is sooooooo convenient.

Everyone else gets the heat but the main character involved gets away because the impeachment is over and immunity has set in?

Life can be so unfair!



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6 responses to “How Convenient!

  1. Sometimes we just keep on going, we never give up…

  2. Anonymous

    it took that long to practice everything.

  3. This looks looks like the public will be treated again to a moro-moro. We will surely see the kinks in the script,…it couldn’t be perfect I’m sure.

  4. Yet don’t you get the feeling that the Palace is a step ahead of everybody on this one? Key to understanding this event is its timing, which was always under the Palace’s control. They do have a script. But do we think we know what’s on it? I think the Palace knows that after that harebrained People’s Tribunal, the anti GMA forces have so little credibility left with the Public at this point, that the Palace feels it can do anything. After all the only thing we can do now is BLOG about it.

    It was that ridiculous act that made the Palace realize, NOW they can bring Garci out, because none of that absurdity can possibly top the absurdity of a Kangaroo Court.

    And it is my thesis that the left LOVES this absurd situation which finds US in the same barrel of monkeys as them.

  5. Punzi,
    the biggest mistake bloggers make is to think they are mass media. They dream that one day hordes of people will come to their site and read them like a magazine. that’s the wrong model. that’s the main stream model. that will never happen. Look at the biggest blogs in the world like Instapundit or boing boing, they get up to 10,000 visitors a day or even twice that. But think, the PDI’s circulation is 300,000 or so. Yet I think PDI is a flea compared to Glenn Reynolds influence.

    And that is the point. Blogging is a network of influence. The 10,000 visitors a day a top blogger gets is usually from other bloggers (my site is getting about half of its hits from bloggers, half from search engines). If each of those bloggers is visited by just a hundred each, that’s a million that the top blogger reaches IF the original 10,000 go to his blog for ideas, info, and link to him.

    So when I write my posts I always have my immediate layer of audience in mind. I have to convince them that my memes are worth spreading around. But it would be futile for me to try and address their aggregate audience directly. We are not mass media. When I write my posts, I usually have a particular regular visitor in mind, or a developing new contact, that I actually imagine is there listening to me say these things. Blogging should be personal. This last is of course what i really like about your site. But we should not imagine we are columnists in the main stream media. They have a totally different mindset.

  6. So true sir. Count me as one of your “influencees.”


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