Could not bear to blog yesterday because I was disappointed.

Disappointed in various ways:

1. Disappointed because that so-called “big day” never came. I wasted an entire week waiting for it, only to turn out that I was just waiting for Godot.

2. Disappointed at Garci for his insincerity. He knew all along he was wanted by the Congressional committees. He could not even question the very process that he now claims he was informed about. He cannot claim to have not have watched television or not have even owned a cellular phone. His face is plastered all over television, newspapers and even blogs.

We Filipinos have this belief that if you don’t say anything or evade an issue, you have something to hide. His silence has said a lot for him simply because that was the only thing we had.

Also, had he been truly sincere in claiming innocence, he would have defended himself at the very first instance. His belated reaction to all of what happened reeks of afterthough…

Of course he can hide in technicalities, just as he physically hid himself these past months. The bottom line for a subpoena is basic due process, so the one being called knows that he is being called. He simply cannot sincerely claim ignorance of what has happened to this country these past few months, unless he was in a coma for the past few months.

3. Disappointed that it’s Christmas and funds have not come in yet. Kiss that iPod goodbye…

So I did the escapist route yesterday.

No, I did not drink a single drop of a favorite German beverage. I don’t drink alone anymore (I used to a lot, how pathetic!). I just played this particular video game all day.

Have to go now.



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3 responses to “Disappointed…

  1. Anonymous

    Same here. funds are so tight. I am seriously considering migrating as I see no more hope in this country and the culture it has.

  2. Ditto…i just kicked my daughter’s father out of the house, so I’m technically a single mom now with more bills to pay and no car to get around with. *sigh*

  3. I guess that’s a problem we can all relate to…

    I’m running tight myself…damn.

    How’s the game? Is it any good? Maybe I oughta try it. 🙂

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