Law School Days: Second Semester, Second Year


1. Civil Procedure- 4 units; Justice Lorenzo Relova
2. Administrative Law- 2 units; Atty. Emmanuel De Dios
3. Taxation I- 3 units; Atty. Leonides Balmeo
4. Corporation Law- 4 units; Dean Cesar Villanueva
5. Public International Law- 2 units; Atty. Mel Sta. Maria
6. Theology and the Law- 2 units; The late Fr. Vitaliano Gorospe, S.J.
7. Agency- 1 unit; Atty. Jose Quimson

General Highlights:

1. More of Dean Villanueva’s “mind-boggling” lectures/recitations.

2. You only get to recite once in Atty. Quimson’s class so make it count. I learned this the hard way.

3. Atty. Mel Sta. Maria’s “metanoia” from a terror to a friendly teacher will manifest itself here.

4. Atty. De Dios had this “hot seat” approach to his classes. This person designated in the hot seat would answer for people who could not answer or answered wrong. First, he would ask for volunteers. If there are non, he will designate one by drawing. I forgot the advantage or disadvantage (grade-wise) of being in the hot seat.

5. Our Theolgy and the Law class was basically a trip to Mt. Banahaw. It was a very good spritual experience but really did not have any relationship with law school life.

6. The accountants had a field day in taxation. The rest of us didn’t.

Personal Highlights:

1. This was the semester with the most effect on my fledging love life. My girlfriend would setlle back in Bacolod. Imagine a long distance relationship without text messages, instant messages, no time to write snail mail and very limited long-distance phone calls. Now you’d understand why this relationship would eventually be doomed.

2. Suffered my first bout with high blood pressure. Shot up to 160/120. This happened when I got the news my girlfriend’s decision to go back to Bacolod. My mother took my to my present cardiologist where he put me on 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. I even wore that darn contraption to school.

3. Since this was the height of the power crisis, they waived the dress code. That was the only good point of that semester, aside from my start in the law school choir.

4. Result: another inclusion in the Dean’s List.



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2 responses to “Law School Days: Second Semester, Second Year

  1. Hi Atty. Punzi. You are a Dean Lister pala. No wonder, you write so eloquently, oftentimes your lectures ay mas klaro pa kaysa sa mga law books na binanabasa ko noon.

  2. Hello. I just posted a reply on your blogger. I’ve just moved to WordPress.

    Anyway, I think I had Atty. De Dios’s son? for Seminar on Energy Law Practice. He told us about the hot seat.

    Were you batchmates with Atty. Refran? He taught us Negotiable Instruments. It was hard to not get distracted by his size.

    We had Atty. Quimson for Insurance. Partnership was merged with Agency (2 units) in our batch. Didn’t help any, though.

    The accountants still have a field day in taxation, while the rest of us didn’t. Atty. Snoopy Montero (formerly of SyCip) tried to even things out though.

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