Finger Pointing

Whoever came up with the saying that an accusation may point two fingers at someone but points the rest of the three fingers back at the accuser was so on the money.

Most recent validation:

1. Two Fingers- Thai PM accuses Philippines of rigging SEA Games. Apparently, he could not beleive that such a disunited country (with even the sports program marred by politics) could even fare better than East Timor. Personally, I cannot believe it myself considering the basketball fiasco, but the Philippines is not really known for “utterly blatant hometown decisions,” unlike other Asian countries where a Filipino boxer has to knock out his opponent to win the fight. Anything less will be a loss.

2. Three Fingers back- Two Thai officials sanctioned in SEA Games for “shady officiating.”

So now who’s cheating who?


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One response to “Finger Pointing

  1. Hi Atty. Now with the two Thai officials caught redhanded, we know now who the real cheaters are.
    I’ve seen some frustrating loss in boxing before, and I thought the miscalls or uncalls were so blatant. But nobody was complaining then…

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