Text Votings

Text votings are sure becoming popular these days. But who’s to say the result reflects the true text votes cast?

What are the security precautions taken to ensure the integrity of the voting process?

Is there a representative from the Department of Trade and Industry overseeing the vote counting? All it takes is a few keystrokes (with enough access level) to manipulate results, you know…

Just remember that before you plunk down your hard-earned money in voting for your favorite Pinoy Big Brother housemate…

Oh and by the way, Garci is set to appear today so expect another post…



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4 responses to “Text Votings

  1. Hi Atty. I guess, it’s one thing that our regulatory agencies should see. Text voting results may easily be rigged.

    If you don’t mind, I have some queries for you back at my site. I hope you could explain something about sub judice to us.

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  3. Sir (may I call you that? 🙂 ), from what I understand about the system, text votings (or any SMS-related promos) are not handled directly by the telcos but are instead contracted to another entity called content providers.

    ABSCBN already explained before that out of every 2.50 worth of text votes, they only receive 25 centavos, with another 25 centavos to the content provider (which is most likely a small to medium enterprise) while the rest of the money goes to the telco (e.g. Smart, Globe). As early as four years ago, this was more or less a common practice in many other countries, not only in the Philippines but especially in Europe.

    In the long run, it’s the telcos who stand to gain more than ABS. GMA7, too, has its own chat ‘channel’ at late nights (TxTube), but many people don’t realize that GMA won’t earn much compared to what the telcos will earn. Besides, the PBB text vote and TxTube are not the only text promos Smart/Globe et al have. There are many others. No wonder these companies can always afford to have center-spread full-page ads on the major dailies.

    And come to think of it, Smart/GLobe will even send you unwanted text messages (and, in a few times, at a cost to your precious load). In the Internet, we call it “spam”. There have been complaints about these spam text messages for some time, but why isn’t the NTC doing something about it? Or is because the NTC has something to gain, too, from all these?

  4. Dear Anomie,

    While I agree with you completely, I am more interested in the integrity of the voting process rather than the money.

    For me, if these text votes and the charges are disclosed beforehand, I guess it’s ok. What bothers me is that someone votes (with money) and then it is not counted correctly. That’s cheating times 2. Cheated out of your money and cheated out of your vote.

    regards and thanks for visiting. you’re welcome to visit more often.

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