Not a good day

Mutiple Choice:

I could not blog yesterday because:

(a) Had a bloody/bad hearing
(b) Tired from driving for three hours in stop-and-stop traffic
(c) Simply sick and tired
(d) This used to be a special day but I don’t want to remember it anymore (No, it’s not my wedding anniversary, that was on December 1)
(e) All of the Above
(f) None of the Above

If you answer “E,” you are correct. Though the Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (where I played) went pretty well…

But there is something to look forward to today. This will be my last hearing for the year (unless something else comes up, you’ll never know.) So I’m expecting some sort of winding down for the year. But I do hope I can still collect on some of my receivables to have a “complete” holiday season…

I need the extra time to ponder about what I want to do about my career. I gave myself until the end of this year for it.

How I wish I had the luxury of a vacation (all by myself without the kids) to go with that reflection period…


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One response to “Not a good day

  1. ohhh.. it is still a good day, punzi. everyday is a good day even with those bad moments.

    have a wonderful weekend with your kids..

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