Lindsay’s Burden

Finally, I was able to convert my iTunes library from mp3 to aac format. Took Lindsay more than 14 hours to convert all 3100+ songs. This was also the first time I left her on that long.

I made a major fumble so I had to manually delete all mp3’s in Lindsay to save on disk space. That took at least another hour before I was able to synchronize my iPod. Because of the size (all mp3s in the iPod were likewise deleted and the aac files were installed), that step took another 30 minutes at least.

Total memory space saved: more than 3 Gb. That’s 75% of an iPod mini/nano!

Music quality difference: insignificant to nil.

Hoooray! The exercise was, in my opinion, worth it. And I already set up iTunes so it will import future CDs in aac rather than mp3 format.

On another topic. I really enjoyed Kitchie Nadal’s cover of Ligaya in the Ultraelectromagnetic Jam album the most. Such a talented and pretty lady. So now I’m thinking of buying her album already… maybe tomorrow, but “that girl” is due for a scheduled visit. Or course, I’m not expecting her to come tomorrow but she should at least inform me today so we can go out (“we” meaning my kids and I, NOT me and her).

This Christmas visit will be crucial. If she does not visit tomorrow, I can safely say she has completely lost all interest in her kids. If she does not visit tomorrow, I can safely overturn my presumption that she still has a sense of motherhood left in her. In a sense, that will be better for us (my kids and I again). We can truly go on with our lives without her at the back of our minds. You can expect a report on that tomorrow.

If she does visit, Lindsay will have another burden. Lindsay would have to stand the sight of her for at most four hours because I won’t. (Lindsay stares out to our living room, the only place where “that girl” can stay during her visit.)

Have to go. Choir practice.


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