Words of Wisdom

Yesterday was better than the day before.

Started the day chatting with the person involved in “that former special day.” I told her I remembered her the day before but could not greet her anymore because it was “inappropriate” (as she was already engaged). To my surprise, she said she also remembered me but like me, she felt greeting me that day was “inappropriate.” Ironically, we “greeted” each other the day after, in some twisted way.

What does this mean?

Your guess is as good as mine. But I will not venture one because I’m through with the guessing and mind games that come with male-female interactions and relationships. I remember the time when I spend countless hours talking with a friend on the meaning of what a “prospect” says (or did not say). I’m already weary of that.

So let’s just leave it at that, shall we? I’m just putting this down for record purposes.

The highlight of the day, as I have blogged yesterday, is my last hearing for the year. It’s basically a pro bono case where I represent some friends.

This hearing was a small triumph for the (human) male species.

The set up was tripartite, one male lawyer (me) and two lady lawyers, before a lady judge. The two lady lawyers eventually ended up bickering over something that took me only a few words to resolve.

To this the judge declared (of course, this is translated and paraphrased already), “That’s what I like about men. When they say, decide on something or give their word, that’s basically it. They do not often change their minds like us women. They are people of few words and a single resolve, unlike women who fluctuate from black to white almost at whim and end up bickering. When men say it’s black, it’s black. Women change from black to white, then back again so easily.”

Mind you, this came from a lady judge.

In another front, I took La Vida Lawyer‘s advise and bought Ultraelectromagnetic Jam: The Music of the Eraserheads. It was a good decision. I even bought Anthology and I am listening to them right now in my iPod.

Transported me to my law school/bar review days, which may provide a good segue to another instalment of my law school days series later…

But for now, I’m busy converting my iTunes library from mp3 to aac format. The aac format is supposed to same me a third of my present memory space, without significant loss of music quality. But given the extent of my library, this will take Lindsay overnight. I’m blogging in the meantime, but I anticipate I have to sleep while Lindsay works unattended…

Got to go now. Sleeping time…



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6 responses to “Words of Wisdom

  1. hmmmm teka, mang-iintriga muna ako, hehe! sino yung engaged woman? hehe! 😛

    ano yung UEM Jam? yun ba yung iba’t ibang versions ng mga bands ngayon sa orig na UEMpop album? fave ko sa lahat yang UEMPop album ng orig na eheads.

    and least i forget, ayos yang lady judge na yun ah, hehe!

  2. Jonnah Jill (if you don’t mind, I just love saying your two names together),

    1. I will refer you to this post:

    2. You’re correct. UEM Jam is the album where various artists did covers of Eheads hits, but not necessarily those from the UEM Pop album.

    3. That judge used to be famous for anothing thing (unrelated to law) but I cannot really disclose it for ethical considerations.


  3. Awww! I’m sure di mo tatanggihan ang babaeng yan na nagungulit sayo kung kamukha yan ni Alicia Witt, haha.

    Pwede bang magpa-pro bono si ako?*wink

  4. Maria Solivia (again, if you don’t mind, I also like to say your two names),

    I like to correct the misconception na yung girl ang nangungulit. We’re still good friends so we still communicate. I brought up the topic first. So in a sense, ako ang nangungulit, heheheheheh!

    Ok lang ako sa pro bono kaso hindi ako pwedeng mag-practice sa DC…

  5. she’s enganged? all the more reason for you to make “kulit” and save her from making a really big mistake. you’d be doing her a huge favor!

    that didn’t sound right….

  6. LG,

    Best we let them be. She wouldn’t be interested in “damaged” goods like me who can’t give her a church wedding anymore…

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