Winding down…

It’s official.

Aside from a case that’s brewing in my government consultancy stint (somebody is asking for a temporary restraining order against us) and an appeal to the Department of Justice, I’m already in holiday mode. Most of the appointments I will be having from this point on will be Christmas parties of clients (and Bea’s parties).

Things I intend to do this season:

1. Do some Christmas shopping of my own (my mom already did my Divisoria rounds for me…)

For this, I will go again to that gadgetfreak’s paradise called Greenhills. I’m looking for a very rugged case for my iPod, something I can use for biking, since I’m taking it up again. And I promised my favorite niece/godchild that I will buy her 20Gb iPod Photo a pink rubberized skin. Then, I’ll look for other accessories for my iPod and probably some PS2 games while I’m at it. Also, I haven’t gotten my kids their presents yet.

Of course, I will go there on a weekday, at the earliest possible time to avoid the crowds.

2. Catch up on quality time with my kids.

Recent schedules have left me little quality time with my kids. It does not necessarily entail going out. Just last night, the three of us had a good time just playing around. They were so tired that they dropped like bricks to dreamland afterwards. I’ll probably take them out also to see lights or something. Belarmine field (the one fronting The Church of the Gesú) in Ateneo during night masses is a good place to start.

3. Reflect

As I have said before, I need some time to reflect and to plan my next career move. I have approached the crossroads and the choice cannot be delayed any longer.

4. Choir

I have choir obligations during our night masses so I really complete all 9 Novena masses every Christmas because of this. Let’s just say I’m forced to good on this one.

5. Be merry and be thankful

I will treat all the parties I will attend as an opportunity to be merry, for a change. No more brooding. No more pondering (about what has happened to me and my kids). It’s been too long and it’s time to move on.

We will just be thankful that despite all of what has happened to us, WE ARE STILL HERE (ala Morpheus in The Matrix: Reloaded)!

6. Blog

Of course, I will give you a day-to-day account of all of these things, so stay tuned, folks.


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