Now it’s my turn…

I remember my teen-age years when I used to egg my mother to buy me the shoes in fashion. You see, I never really developed a liking for clothes and I’m not picky when it comes to it until now.

But I was extremely brand-conscious. Especially when it came to my footware. (Until now.)

I remember during high school, I dragged my mother to Greenhills to buy me Sperry Topsiders, Sebago Penny Loafers and Reebok shoes.

Actually, this dragged on to my law school years, when I had her buy me, again in Greenhills, Dr. Marten’s Shoes. Not the boots, of course. Just the short lace-ups that proved extremely reliable because I commuted to law school.

I finally got to buy my own shoes when I got a job. I stuck mainly to Dr. Marten’s because they have designs I can actually use in court. Of course, I could afford my Florsheim, Bally and Nike, etc.

Yes, I know. I really picky about my footwear.

In some twist of fate, however, I was in Greenhills yesterday. Of course, I bought some accessories for my iPod (another metal case and a strap I can use for biking). But as regards footware, it was my turn to buy one for Bea.

Bea’s becoming just as brand conscious as I am. I bought her Christmas present- Havaianas Flip-flops. Looking at these slippers closely, they were just extremely overpriced Spartans or Beach-walks. I mean, extremely overpriced (by at least 10 times)!

Well, I could not protest. It was, as I have figured by now, my turn… and my little girl is growing up… oh no!

Wish me luck.



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4 responses to “Now it’s my turn…

  1. And girls are typically more fashion conscious than boys. I’d say you have your work cut out for you. 🙂

    Merry Christmas. 🙂

  2. Hope she doesn’t ever ask you for a complimentary credit card 🙂

  3. @Ron Allan: Yes they are. Yes I do. Merry Christmas also!

    @LG: YES… A seven year old asking for Havaianas flip-flops!

    @Senor Enrique: That’s where I draw the line. Besides, I neither had nor asked for an extension card from my parents, though they gave me one later in life.

    To All: Happy Holidays!

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