Some podcasts

Now that I essentially uploaded my entire music library, it was time to turn my attention to podcasts.

I started subscribing to the following mix of video and audio podcasts:

1. TikiBar TV (video podcast)
2. This Week in Tech (or “TWIT”; an audio podcast)
3. Digital Life TV (, a video podcast)
4. DIGGnation
5.– for videogame updates

Then I subscribe to Philippine podcasts over at the Microwarehouse site but I don’t import it to my iPod.

I really miss TechTV (now G4TechTV) because my crappy cable service does not offer it. That’s the reason why I’m eating up a lot of their video/audio podcasts.

Bea’s still has school until tomorrow (supposedly to mitigate having classes until 21 December, but most probably to promote or “force” us to go the school fair) and I still have that last major thing to do before I go to holiday mode. Add to that triple choir duties (due to the midnight and regular masses), then I guess my weekend’s set.

To those of you who are already in holiday more, I envy you but Happy Holidays anyway!


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