I am an amateur at a lot of things: playing the flute and keyboards, blogging, computing (it’s probably not the appropriate verb but I can’t of anything more accurate), an amateur in romance (actually, a complete dunce at it) and in relationships.

But I’m a professional lawyer. So one thing I should be professional about is my writing. I am paid to write because that’s part of my professional practice.

This means, come hell or high water (pardon to tired cliches), I have to produce documents, pleadings, letters, etc. Somehow, I have to “summon my talent” (or the lack thereof) on a deadline.

I have a pleading due two days ago but I have not written a single line. And I have to send this to my client tomorrow. But the holiday season is getting to me. Not the festivities, mind you, but more on the obligations (the non-professional ones at that) and other distrations.

I have choir duties for most of the midnight masses. Then, I was with Bea for most of the day because of her field demonstration/school fair. That kept me from settling down to produce that overdue pleading. Not that I’m making excuses, of course.

Then my fantastic iPod is keeping me distracted as I continue to watch my downloaded video podcasts and photoalbums on my TV. That, of course, is inexcusable.

Now, I’m blogging away in a stream of consciousness type of entry just to loose the cobwebs. I guess the client has to wait until tomorrow afternoon to get his document.

In the meantime, I’ll try to rest first. Maybe that will set the mood. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


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