At last!

Finished the pleading I had to do before I go, more or less, on holiday mode. Took me only a little over an hour to do. My client will take care of the filing because I will not charge him for it, and I charge him minimal if I ever do.

Now there’s just one thing I have to finish. No, this is not a pleading but I have to conclude negotiations on this annulment case I am handling. Of course, were not negotiating on the grounds for annulment because that is not allowed. We’re only negotiating on the way the property shall be divided among the soon-to-be-former spouses.

Have a party to go to but thinking about not attending. Been so tired lately, plus choir duties tomorrow morning again…

The only thing I can think about the whole Abat incident is this blog lecture I made on arrests. Read it.

But additionally, I agree with the common thinking that the police bungled this one. But so what else is new. Anyone will logically conclude that before you can make a citizen’s/warrantless arrest, you have to inform him of the crime he has committed. In Abat’s case, even the police are befuddled in this regard. And making a “citizen’s arrest” when someone refused your “invitation” clearly shows they don’t know how to do their own jobs.

Whatever countercharge the police are facing, they truly deserve. Of course, before you can enforce the law you must know it first, duh!


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