This day taught me a simple rule: Obey and trust your iMac.

Lindsay told me not to disconnect my iPod while updating. I disobeyed. Not only did I disconnect my iPod, but I also forced Lindsay into a hardware reset, because I thought iTunes already hung.

I was wrong. So what was my punishment?

Nothing much. My iTunes library file got damaged so when I synched my iPod again to it, I grew pale when I discovered that I lost 5/6 of my songs and all my video. And all this hapenned when I was just about to leave the house.

Had to manually reload my uploaded music files to the new library file and re-download some of the podcasts. That took a good hour and a half–an hour and a half I did not have.

So I was late for a friend’s holiday party. But it was alright.

And it appears that I still have to work tomorrow. Something urgent came up in my government consultancy.

Oh and I am officially the first blogger to receive the La Vida Lawyer Coffee Mug, according to him.

Anyway, a good thing came up today. I think the die has been cast. My career will take a significant turn next year. It is, more or less, a done deal.

I hope it is for the better. Wish me luck.


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