Night Flight: Live in Digital

Currently listening to some songs from the Night Flight: Live in Digital music compilation of Carlo Santos, the veritable Bukas Palad Online webmaster. Well, he’s not just its webmaster, but he also sings in Bukas Palad, too. And his voice is not that bad (Kidding, Carlo! If I had half your voice quality, I would be surrounded by wooed women…). The songs are only released on the web and they’re all free downloads, all 11 of them.

It’s an interesting experiment. It was an attempt to… oh well, let’s just get his take on this from his own words:

I call this collection of pieces “Live in Digital,” as it reflects my pursuit of achieving the effect of live instrumentation through digital means. I know I’m far from achieving this (and I have yet a lot to learn), but it doesn’t hurt to try =) So as you will hear soon enough, only the guitars and vocals have been recorded live, the rest are through the use of software synths and tone-generators.

I tried (or died trying hehehe) to apply varying musical styles to add diversity in the songs, basically cuz I don’t want to be “categorized.” To me, music is music, there may be genres, but I never subscribed to the notion of “musical preference.” Of course I have my own preferences, but that is a trait which I wish to abolish in the long term. I want to be immersed in music as much as possible, and be able to produce different styles and textures . . . not to please the market (but it would be a bonus if I could), but to appease my appetite, and to develop the ability to make music in its purest sense.

I particularly like “Act of Imagination,” because of the flute rifts (albeit the flute portion is synthetic) and the over-all theme of the song is cruising, slowed-down type of music, the type that I particularly enjoy listening to driving home from a long, tough day.

I like “Addicted to Your Smile,” despite his claim that is it a sell-out song. I know the beat, the lyrics and the melody is formula but hey, it’s catchy.

“Your Majesty” interests me because of our common roots in choir and music ministry.

I’ll leave the ecclectic rest for you to discover for yourself.

And to think, borrowing from Eli Buendia, “He did it all by himself,” he certainly did a good job.

Hope he has time to do some more. Or he gets to do it commercially (as if he needed commercial success).


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