Your loss, our gain

For those of you who had missed the PinoyBlog Christmas party last night, there was really nothing to miss, if your goal was to meet other Philippine bloggers. Some mix up caused this one to fizzle out, attendance-wise. Attended only by four bloggers: Yuga, La Vida Lawyer and myself, with Jeff Vergara making a brief appearance. Borcee was missing in action for unknown reasons.

First, I finally met the man who breathed new life into my blog template, Jeff. Again, Jeff I can’t thank you enough for what you have done to this blog.

Now, for your loss:

1. You missed the chance to stuff yourself silly with Dads/Saisaki/Kamayan’s Ultimate Buffet.

2. You missed the chance to see if we’re real people and not just bots (heheheheheheh!)

Our gain:

1. We got to spend quality time with THE future multi-billionaire Philippine blogging mogul. The tips and tricks we got are PRICELESS.

2. We’re now considering an entire and separate career in blogging because of this… But of course, we will not give up our day jobs. We’ll leave that to the proper night persons.

You (yes you) should have been there. Jeff has the photographic evidence.



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5 responses to “Your loss, our gain

  1. Hey Punzi, finally my Dad’s out of the hospital. Next time sama ako, I’ve been wanting to meet Abe for the longest time, our meetings have been strictly on YM basis for the past year and a half. Let’s meet where we can be inebriated silly and squeeze more info from Abe hehe.

  2. Sayang, I would have wanted to join you guys but I had other plans.

    Do tell about Yuga’s tips!

    Happy New Year to you and the kids!

  3. @Bimbo: Glad to hear your father’s out. At least New Year will be better than Christmas.

    And you don’t need to get Yuga inebriated to get him to talk. He’s such a nice guy. But alcohol would help.

    @Paul: Those tips are unbloggable (shhhhhh!)… but I think it would be easy to organize another function again.

  4. sounds like an interesting party! sayang I couldn’t be there! You guys could have shared your tips on making a multi million blog empire 😀

    happy new year!

  5. Jeff was there in Pinas? It was great for you guys to hook up! Share naman the tips you got, pasakay sa pagiging multi-billionaire mo, hehe.

    Peace, love and abundance to you this coming new year 2006!

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