Don’t ask me why…

Set my alarm clock (read: celphone) for 2:45 a.m. and my TV to turn on at the same time early this morning because I wanted to watch I’ll be there, the debut movie of Charlotte Church, then showing on HBO.

I don’t know what is it about this movie that I love. Is it the story that is about a rock star father coming to grips with his 16-year-old daughter he just met? Or is it the 16-year-old Charlotte Church and her angelic voice that peppered the movie?

Whatever it is (or was), it must be compelling because I rarely make efforts to wake up that early on my vacation time just to watch a particular movie. What surprises me even more is I even bought the DVD this afternoon, which I rarely do anymore. For sure, there is something about this movie that I want to watch it over and over again.

Try catching it. It’s a good yultide movie. Or am I just such a Charlotte Church fan?


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