Happy New Year to all!

We used to light firecrackers and other pyrotechnics come New Year’s Eve.

The operative term there is “used.”

In New Year’s Eve, 1987, at an outdoor street party in our village, my mother was a foot away from being hit by a stray bullet. From that time on, we don’t buy firecrackers anymore.

In 1995, the year I was to take the bar exams, I was a New Year’s injury statistic.

Right after the revelry and after eating, I just went out to retrieve something outside. Then I felt a very fast object hit me in the head. After a second, I was still alive so it was definitely not a stray bullet (because I was still alive).

But after another second, my eyeglasses curtained blood red. And I was bleeding profusely.

So I was rushed to the hospital. Some photographer wanted to take my picture as a “casualty of the New Year.” But I declined.

Gave me a tetanus shot but I didn’t need stitches.

Turns out a firecracker exploded nearby cause a small rock to hurl towards my head at great speed. Hey, at least it was not a bullet.

Now, I never go out this time of the year.

So folks be careful out there. Happy New Year!



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2 responses to “Happy New Year to all!

  1. Hey Punzi!
    Happy new year!!!!

  2. happy New Year, bossing!

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