A year of gadgets

It’s been quite a year 2005, gadgetwise.

Figured I start 2006 with an updated inventory of my gadgets. The ones in parenthesis are no longer with me. The ones with an asterix I acquired last year. Here goes:

Nokia© 9500* with:

Muse 512 Mb MMC
Brando Aluminum Hard Case
Capdase Leather Case
Extra Xpress-on cover
Kingcom Bluetooth headset*

(Nokia© 9210i with Muse 128 MB MMC)

(Nokia© 6800) though I still see it because I gave it to Dad
(Nokia© 8850)
Panasonic© A100 tri-band phone*

(Compaq© iPaq© 3760 with CF adapter sleeve)

A WiFi local area network with DSL Internet Connection consisting of the following:

1. HP© iPaq© 2210 with the following accessories:

Muse 128 MB SD Card
Astone 256 MB SD Card
Billionton CF Modem with PC Card adapter
Ambicom CF WiFi [802.11b] Card
AVL 128 MB CF Card
Extra Li-on Battery
2. Neo© Q-Note© M360H, “Jessica” [Celeron 1.3 Mhz, 256 MB RAM, 30Gb Hard Drive] with the following accessories:

Iomega© USB Floppy Disk Drive
Edimax© USB 802.11G dongle*
Aten© USB 2.0 Hi-speed 4-port Hub
A4Tech© Wireless Optical Mouse
Billionton© USB Bluetooth dongle
Mobile Action MA-620 Infrared USB transceiver/receiver
Generic USB 2.0-RS232 cable
3. Acer© Travelmate 506DX, “Amber” [Celeron 433 Mhz, 160 Mb RAM, 8 Gb Hard Drive, 24X CD-ROM Drive]
4. Intel© Pentium© II-350 Mhz Desktop Computer, “Britney” [320 Mb RAM, 20 Gb Hard Drive] with the following accessories:
CDR/RW Burner
Edimax© USB 802.11b dongle
User installed USB 2.0 PCI card
Canon© BJ 2665SP Printer
USB external 56K Modem
5. AMD© Duron© 850 Mhz Desktop Computer, “Mandy” [512 Mb RAM, 40 Gb Hard Drive] with the following self-installed additional accessories:
5.1 Soundcard and Speaker system
16X DVD-ROM Drive
Gigabyte© CD-R/RW internal drive
Internal Iomega© 100 MB Zip© Drive
NVidia© GEforce2 MX400 64MB AGP Video Card
Aten© USB 1.1 4-port Hub
Edimax© USB 802.11b dongle
Acer© Scan Prisa 620p Scanner
Canon© i320 Printer
6. Apple© iMac G5, “Lindsay,” [1.6 Ghz, 256 Mb Ram, with Combo Drive, 80 Mb hard drive with Mighty Mouse and a 4-port USB 2.0 Hub, external boxed Shuttle DVD-R/RW]*

(7.Edimax© WiFi [802.11g] access point with 5 additional 10baseT lan ports)

8. Linksys© WRT54G wireless router with 5 additional 10baseT lan ports*

Korg© X5D Keyboard Synthesizer with accessories

Damper and expression pedals
Alesis© RA-100 Monitor Amplifier
Alesis© Monitor One Speakers
Roland© KC-100 Keyboard Amplifier
Two [2] Fender© California Instrument Cables
Yamaha© UX16 USB MIDI interface cable* to connect the iMac to the synth
Two [2] Korg© PCIF MIDI cables to connect X5D with Duron Desktop and the laptops
Canon© Powershot A300 w/ 16 MB CF card included with the following additional CF cards:
Ridata 64 MB CF card
AVL 128 MB CF cards
Portable SD/MMC card reader*
Wireless Headphones
Sony© Wega 43″ projection TV [HDTV ready] with Sony DVD home theater system*

Sony© Wega 25″ with subwoofer

Sony© Playstation 2© with:

Two controllers
8 MB memory card
S-video component A/V cable [with guncon port]
Component Video A/V cable
Hais© wireless Gun Controller*
Dragonplus© PS2 2.4 Ghz wireless controller*
Cosmo Interactive© PS2 800 Mhz wireless controller
Two [2] Motorola© T5100 FRS radios
Armstrong© silver-plated flute
Yamaha© YFL-221 silver flute*
Apple© iPod© 5G, 30Gb * with:

Case Logic 3-in-1 neoprene carrying case
Brando aluminum hard case
Pivot silicon skin
Sumajin Smartwraps
Griffin Ear Jams
Sennheiser MX 250 headphones
Wireless FM transmitter
replacement A/V cables
13+Gb of content [music, photos and videos]

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One response to “A year of gadgets

  1. I wish I had a Nokia 9500 too.

    Happy New Year Punzi!–>

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