Late Christmas Presents

This weekend, I received a couple of late Christmas presents.

The first was an electric stand fan. This was nothing fancy because I had two appliance manufacturer clients. (“Where’s the gift of the second client, the bigger, better known brand?” I ask myself…)

The second gift was a surplus, second-hand Samsung DVD/VHS player, without a remote control. It looked like this:

I had to scrounge around, in vain, for a remote control for this thing. Good thing my PDA also doubles as one and I had the Nevo codes downloaded from the ‘net. But hey, beggars ain’t choosers.

I’m enjoying playing around with this thing because it had a VCR with the DVD player. So I can, theoretically, tape DVD movies on it. But who wants to do that nowadays?

It is also MP3, JPEG, VCD and CD compatible. It has optical audio outputs (DTS and Dolby 5.1) so I can actually turn it into a home theater someday (yeah… someday but then again, an actual brand-new Sony home theater is just a few meters away in another room, isn’t it?)

Anyway, I was about to test the VHS and I was looking for some old tape to test the thing with. I’ll give you only one guess. Which was the only VHS tape left in the house?

Anyway, the VCR works… even with that old, mildew infested tape…



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4 responses to “Late Christmas Presents

  1. amicus curiae

    Making a calculated guess, it’s your wedding video.

  2. Either that, or an old porn flick. πŸ™‚

  3. One guess is all you need…

  4. i think the dvd player can play divx movies… if that’s the one being sold at SOS πŸ™‚

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