A Tough Assignment

One of the toughest portions of my job is dealing with labor/human resources issues.

This is easier if approached from a detached point of view, where there is no personal interaction between the parties involved and the one deciding on the matter. This also gets easier for firms with an entire human resource department since there could exist detachment on even multiple levels.

It’s a different story for small offices. Gone is the “cool, calculated response.” When you know the parties involved, you would be in a position to know just a little more information than you should. Also, technicalities and legalities stand side-by-side with trying to achieve a “balance” and/or “balance all interests” in a given dispute.

That’s what happened to me yesterday. The client’s company had personnel problems where I have interacted with the parties involved. Very tough to decide from a detached perspective. Some, even I like to consider as friends already. Worse, I could not pass the case to another since I’m the only one they were counting on to resolve the impasse.

All I do in cases like these is just trust in the law because the law, I pressume, was formulated precisely to balance all interests. Well, at least I like to think it does. But whatever helps me sleep at night, right?


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