Friday the 13th

It was only when my Friday was over that I realized that it fell on the 13th.

Anyway, both choir services (@ EDSA Shrine last Friday and the one yesterday) went well. We had our violinist back yesterday.

I was essentially unconscious yesterday, except for the choir service that night. I was catching up on lost sleep, I guess. Did not even look at any of my computers. Watched some television for a while but that’s the same as being unconscious, isn’t it?

For today, we’re supposed to have a meetup in Tagaytay for Pinoy Tech Blog, but I could not attend because Bea’s third quarterly exams are coming up and hence, I could not afford to be out for the entire day. I also have some errands to do this morning…

Anyway, good luck guys on your meetup. Wish I could be there.


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  1. Oo nga Friday the 13th, my daughter was the one who reminded me. I told her that it’s going to be a bad day if she thinks it’s going to be a bad day for her. I told her (syempre kunwari lang)Friday the 13th always brings me good luck, because I believe it will bring me good luck. Saan ba nagsimula yang paniniwala na yan? Pati mga bata (7 yr old kid) aware na dyan???

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