With apologies to Babelfish, lets run through the JDV’s proposed constitutional amendments through the Punzifish translator, shall we?

Proposed JDV amendments:

1. Transformation from the presidential to the parliamentary system.

2. Establishment of a unicameral legislature and abolition of the Senate.

3. Lifting the term limits of elected officials.

4. Providing for a five-year term of office for all elective officials.

5. A ban on political “turncoatism.”

6. Creation of autonomous regions toward the establishment of a federal system.

7. Easing the restrictions on foreign investments in the country.

Results of the Punzifish processing:

1. The better and longer to serve you with… as Prime Minister. It’s like political viagra…

2. The better to deal with those pesky kill-joys. It’s like political insecticide.

3. The longer to serve the people with (or is it the other way around?). It’s like political velcro.

4. Same as No. 3, but it had to be repeated because people tend to forget.

5. Same as No. 3, so no one can do what we did to them.

6. The better to hold on to power with. (If it’s not one kind of grip, it’s another, but we still get to hold on in the end, trust me.) It’s like political crazy glue.

7. The more we can sell to foreigners with (aka., We’re running out… or What’s the point in holding on longer if we’re holding nothing, anyway?). It’s like political golden goose (or cash cow, depending on your age and perspective).



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2 responses to “Punzifish

  1. you are so right…even if i avoid reading the newspapers, the stench of what’s happening still reaches me. wala nang hiya hiya ang mga lintang iyan. everytime i allow myself to think about the new machinations of our local politicians, nagsisikip ang dibdib ko sa galit.

    OT: i was waiting for someone to blog about the lawyers who quit the rape case. *hint hint* 😉

  2. It seems like the propositions for charter change are mere veiled attempts to muddle the political sphere…

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