Kobe Bryant forgetting how to dribble

I’m not really into commenting on the actions of my fellow lawyers because we are all just trying to earn a living in this country. And based on the golden rule, I don’t like other lawyers commenting on my actions, either.

But there are some lines that need crossing. When lawyers forget (worse ignore or even abuse) very basic principles or requirements of the law, I even think it’s even our duty to point them out.

A seasoned lawyer filing an impeachment complaint that is not under oath and without an endorsement is like Kobe Bryant forgetting how to dribble. Dribbling is basic in basketball. In the same manner, a sworn and endorsed complaint is basic in impeachment. I even think (and this is just my opinion), making such a mistake may constitute gross ignorance of the law, a ground for disciplinary action (be it suspension or disbarrment). Add to that the blatant disregard for the one-year impeachment ban, you’ve got yourself a pretty good disbarment case.

Thank God for secretariats who know how to spot these things, have to decency to point them out and return these recycled pieces of paper.



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2 responses to “Kobe Bryant forgetting how to dribble

  1. Can he be disbarred because of that? Can he be disbarred for being so annoying? Can he be disbarred for filing ridiculous charges?

    If I have the money, I will ask a lawyer to have that lawyer disbarred.

  2. Kobe forgot to dribble, Lozano dribbles a load of BS

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