High School Mini-Reunion

Last night, from out of the blue, an old high school classmate called and asked me to join him for a drink or two. Parched as I am, I readily agreed. I even asked our other classmates if they could join us.

We ended up in the school in Libis formerly known as Thames, run by another classmate for the daughter of a known Taipan (may I add, an attractive daughter, who is our age…, but then again… maybe not…). I did not catch the school’s new name. As it turns out, our high school class has invaded that school, be it teaching there or just in administration. (I’m even considering teaching business law there next semester.)

All in all, it became an unplanned mini reunion in a classmate’s house by the Marikina-Pasig border that I enjoyed pretty much. I lost count how much alcohol I consumed last night. So I was happy because of both of these things.

Morning afters do no give me headaches but merely slow me down. Hence, this late entry.

A few hours ago, I got an email reply from another long-lost high school classmate. I discovered his email address when I read his letter to the T3 editor published this month. I asked if it was him. And so he was. If he’s Philippine-based, I’ll probably see more of him.

Choir went well tonight so now, I’m back to my old Saturday night habbit: pigging out in front of the TV.

Until tomorrow…


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