To the one that got away…

Time to reveal a little bit more.

I was courting a girl I met from work when I got “courted” by the mother of my children (as much as I want to, I cannot erase this fact, you know). Because I was sidetracked, this girl got away, and I lost touch because I fell into that hellhole called married life.

I finally got in touch with her again, about seven years later. She’s in her early thirties now, still single but according to her, already engaged. Hers is the second wedding I mentioned in this post.

When I got a friendster invite from a mutual colleague, I decided to look her up if she also had an account.

And there she was. With pictures… I forgot how beautiful she was (and still is). Then all the memories came gushing back.

By nature, I really don’t dwell into what ifs and maybes, but looking at her pictures (because she is still as beautiful as I remembered her), I’ll make an exception, make this entry, and move on… No intention of doing anything further.

For now, I dedicate this post to the one that could have been (?) or got away (????)…

I hope she does not mind (should she discover my small corner in the internet) that I posted her picture here. My friends only have my descriptions on how she looks like a cross between Hilda Koronel and Aiko Melendez (both at their primes, of course). Now, I can prove how pretty she really is… albeit still masked to maintain some semblance of privacy. According to her (her friendster caption), this is still a not-so-good picture…

Anyway, best regards and all the best, my friend… sorry to have bothered you. Just indulge me on this one…



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3 responses to “To the one that got away…

  1. Awwwwww….

    Double Aaaaawwwwwwww….

  2. Dammit. I so can relate.


  3. *sigh* I was once “the one that got away.”

    Wonder if my ex has a blog and posted something similar to this post. My pic on page….

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