What a racket!

Somebody gave me a decent badminton racket last Friday. Had it gutted last Saturday also.

Are they trying to tell me something?



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2 responses to “What a racket!

  1. As cardio, badminton’s great.

    As a sport, it’s boooo-ring. Sport ng mga walang sport.

    Peace, badminton peeps.

  2. That you need exercise? 🙂

    A lot of my officemates are into it. If you asked me, I think it’s a wussy sport. 🙂 I’d rather play those highland games, like who can throw a telephone pole the farthest, or how long can you lift a car…

    Now those are MAN games. Hahaha. Not that I’m a chauvinist mind you. 🙂 I just think walang dating. 🙂 Of course it’s probably just me. 🙂

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