The Love Month

For a lot of people, this is the love month. Where all the motels around my office will be packed by the 14th (my office is near the Pasig Shhhhhh! area, you know, though I rarely go there now). Where a lot of people will troop to Dangwa to buy flowers (the other peak season there is, of course, end of October). Where all the dating places will be packed (but with the increased EVAT, I don’t know).

For me, it will be a busy month, with some out-of-town appointments. As in, severely out-of-town. But I have to be back in Manila before the 19th (my mother’s birthday).

This may also be a banner month, but I can’t reveal the details. I don’t want to jinx them, you know. Let’s just say that if all goes well, this will be my “Poverty Alleviation Month.”

Talk about alleviation, the 18th also marks the second year when we left my house to settle spouse-less back at my parent’s house. And I have grown to revel and enjoy my freedom from that crap marriage. Then again, I hope I can get enough resources to finally get right on my annulment (both civil and church) sometime within these next two months. Not that I want to marry again. I just don’t want to remain married to that girl.

Hopefully, today will not be such a busy day because I don’t really feel well. Having a bum gut for a few days now. Haven’t really eaten well these past few days and a for a person whose happiness in life consists only of three things, one of which is food, that’s pretty dire.

So I plan to postpone everything until tomorrow and just rest for today. That includes a rest from staring at Lindsay and/or Jessica for most of the day. I’ll probably practice on my flute later if I’m up to it.




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2 responses to “The Love Month

  1. Good for you Punzi and good luck!

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