Woman Hater

Looking at my blog/net activities of late, I’m turning into such a woman hater. You could not see it all in this blog, but check out my comments in the Bored Single Blogger’s Club.

In my professional life, I have likewise been getting a significant amount of male clients for annulment cases. It seems the male “separatists” have been seeking an annulment lawyer that “hates” women.

But on second thought, I’m not a woman hater. I just see women as what they are. As equals. What we could do to them, they could do to us. Now I operate under that assumption, instead of the women-are-like-delicate-vases approach of others. They can just as easily screw us as we screw them (in all manners of speaking).

Hey, in somebody else’s point of view, that’s even feminist.



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2 responses to “Woman Hater

  1. That’s what BSB’s for…to enlighten both sexes on each other’s quirks and peculiarities. Peace!

  2. yvy

    hahaha!! glad to note that we’ve opened your eyes. 😉

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