Back from Cagayan

My gracious host and hostess during my stay in Cagayan Valley.
The picture above them was taken quite a few years back.
For this couple, time seems to stand still.
Their smiles are still the same.
But that’s probably because they’re both dentists.

I got back just now from Cagayan Valley to attend a hearing yesterday. I likewise took advantage of this trip to visit my cousin (and a very good friend) who migrated there and has been staying there for about seven years.

Took me to a place called the Callao Caves. It’s a good thing I brought the snapper. I was hesitant to do so because I was just taking a bus there.

Before getting to the caves, we had to climb a very long and tall flight of stairs.

But the folliage was amazing…

Good thing the snapper had manual options so I used exposures to take these dramatic pictures. Flash photograpy was useless here… Yes, there’s an altar there and masses are actually held there.

At the bottom, there was a dock to the Cagayan River (I think that’s the name) where I took these dramatic shots.

It’s amazing I took all these snaps in just one area.

Anyway, I’ll catch some zzzzssss first because it was a very loooong trip.


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  1. Anonymous

    you missed the thrill of driving on the mountains of N.V. and N.E. atty punzi! especially kung manual ang dala mong car.

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