Independence Day

Today marks two years of our stay in our parent’s house, my single blessedness and consequently my independence from the shackles of, as one of my best friends says, that diabolical woman and that no-win situation known as my marriage.

Of course, I would not be here today in a bigger house than what we used to live on, with simple and most precious peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that, no matter what happens, my children will be just fine, without the help of family and friends, and of course, Almighty God.

I’ll probably blog about how 18 February 2004 came to be later on. But the situation would not be the same without their help and God’s intervention in our lives.

To them, I say, I could not thank you enough. And I could not express how much I love you all.



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2 responses to “Independence Day

  1. Harry

    Someday, your kids might read this. Just remember, no matter how much you currently dislike their mother, you once loved her enough to conceive them with her. Calling her “diabolical” now, does nothing for their opinion of you, and certainly does nothing for their opinion of themselves.
    (I, too, have an ex with less-than-stellar behavior)

  2. Harry,

    First of all, “diabolical” was not my choice of words. My friend actually said this when I told him what happened to me.

    Second, I’m passed the “how much I dislike their mother” stage because it has already been two years.

    Finally, I have not told the whole story in my blogs, for fear of a libel suit. But if I did, I think your opinion of her will surely change.

    Thanks for reading.

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