Results of the Tenth Visit

I forgot to make a note of this yesterday, but another second Sunday of the month passed by.

Again, a no-show.

But she texted me (last Valentine’s day, no less, I forgot to mention it also) saying she could not visit as she was allegedly looking for a higher-paying job.

For one thing, that reason is non-responsive. What’s not having a job have to do with not visiting children you have not seen in more than two years?

And another thing, a sane person would never quit a present job until the replacement job is in the bag. People just don’t quit jobs anymore without a sure replacement job.

Well, we have a theory and a suspicion why she has not been visiting. She may (and I emphasize may) be pregnant or just given birth. Definitely, it’s not mine.

With that theory, everything seems to fall into place. The non-visits and the text from out of the blue.

But I have to confirm that. I’ll post an update on this as soon as I have one for you.

Stay tuned…


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One response to “Results of the Tenth Visit

  1. Aww, Punz…us single parents have a lot to thank for. Hang in there.

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