My dad’s organization wanted to organize relief operations for the landslide victims in Southern Leyte. But there are some problems.

First, there are a lot of people there already.

Also, the relief goods are already overflowing. And since there are technically no more beneficiaries (entire families were wiped out from the face of the earth, remember?), these goods merely go to the neighboring places that were not affected by the landslides. So, there is really no sense in sending donations and these goods may even fall into the wrong hands (“wrong” in all its senses).

Finally, and you may think I’m insensitive here so please forgive me, I think there is a real danger in doing recovery operations at this point in time. We’re dealing with mud here, not rubble. These things are viscous. When we dig it, it’s replaced by more mud. Hence, I think doing recovery operations now creates an distinct (and not far-fetched) possibility that we are sending more men (and women) to the slaughter to recover victims for non-existent beneficiaries (relatives, entire clans were likewise killed, remember?)

Personally, and this is my opinion only, that this tragedy, and I’m not downplaying it, is severly overcovered. I can think of several reasons why but It’s probably because they are trying to distract the public from thinking about another tragedy that happened earlier.

That’s a good strategy. Rely once again on the Filipino’s short term memory and shift focus from one tragedy to another. Especially when those covering it are more or less involved with that other tragedy they are trying to wipe from our memories and consciousness.

But I say, save your relief efforts for those who really need it. These people from the other tragedy really need it more than those already dead. Or were you already advised by your lawyers not to in preparation for an impending class suit?

Just asking…


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