Which of the following would you do for an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?

a. Have him/her treat you to lunch because he/she has something to do for you.
b. Pull favors from friends for him/her.
c. Allow him/her to buy gifts (really wonderful at that) for your kids.
d. Accompany him/her on wedding errands, like picking textiles and the wedding cake (and he/she is NOT getting married to YOU).
e. Give him/her a lift going home.
f. All of the above.
g. None of the above.

If you answered “F,” OMG! You had the same day I had yesterday!



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7 responses to “Martyrdom…

  1. I am thinking e since all your choices are nice

  2. Basahin nyong dalawa ito Long Walk to Forever by Kurt Vonnegut. Warning: fiction like reality can be intoxicating.

  3. @dave: Thanks for reading.

    @ marvin: Too romantic… and that was my first mistake with the wife. Believed too much in the crap literature and media peddle.

    BTW, she says hi to you, too.

  4. martir. she better have really hot bridesmaids.

  5. @ Cat: guilty as charged
    @ Jeff: “romance” and “trouble” have the same 7 letters as you have indicated…

  6. mee

    uyyy…saan papunta yan? 🙂 ps. punzi, punta ka ba dun sa service kina alex on sunday?

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